Kamisado at Texas Mist

Doors 8pm. Kamisado on at 10pm

Good friends of ours in a rockin’ band called Blacktop Syndicate asked if Kamisado could help kick off their party at Texas Mist on Feb. 17th. Given the fact that Kamisado will always be a part of the party, we happily agreed.

Now this isn’t just an ordinary show. For all of you people out there like myself that wish it was Halloween everyday, this show will have a full on theme to it and it’s highly encouraged to go all out. Think old school 30’s mobster meets bloody valentine. Have fun with it 😉

Finally and most importantly, ladies you aren’t paying a dime to join this party. Bring your girlfriends, your boyfriends, and everyone in between. Have a drink and a bloody good time with your favorite dirty rock band, Kamisado.

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