This is where it all begins my friends. There’s a point at the beginning of a band’s career where you can either come off the finish line with a jog, thinking eventually you’ll get to where you want to go. Or you take off the starting line like a fucking jet, which is exactly what Kamisado is doing right now!


Studio Action:

Setting up with our friend Omar Vallejo at his own 512 Studios with the badass John Moyer(Disturbed) working hard on production, we decided to knock out our first single. Sure enough after 14 hours of hard work and dedication that were well worth it, we took our song “Choices” to a whole new level. We dissected the more emotionally dark vibes of the song little by little and made them powerful and a bit more energetic all while keeping the darkness to it. Moyer’s genius direction and Omar’s wizard-like mastering we can guarantee the outcome is absolutely delicious, so after these final changes to the song prepare to rock when it’s released!


Photo shoot Action:

Our brilliant designer Zane Marsh, on top of all his other greatness, came up with the enticing idea for a very interesting photo shoot. There are huge plans in store for Kamisado and thanks to Zane, the badass photographer Matthew Riggs will be capturing that Dirty Rock vibe you all desire. Without giving away too much of our tasty plans be sure to expect models, daggers, and more rock n roll than one can handle(which is not a bad problem to have).



On top of the Valentine’s Massacre show at Texas Mist coming up on the 17th, we are in the process of setting up a massive show schedule. Thanks to JR in The Rushmore State, we’ve decided to team up and create a badass lineup and plan on taking over all of Austin. These guys are already talking about shows we should play outside of Austin I love it. Welcome to the Dirty Rock family ya filthy animals! Stay tuned on this website, and of course all those other forms of social media to see when your favorite Dirty Rock band is playing again. Rock on you lovely people!


Check out these links for more info on:

Zane Marsh: DoingArts_insta

Matthew Riggs Photography(Paradise Bleu): ParadiseBleu

The Rushmore State: SoundCloud

512 Studios:

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