“I value honesty, in every stage of life. I take it seriously. To me, being honest is the purest way to really be yourself. You’re not misleading yourself or anyone else, you’re simply seeing things for what they are.

I think this translates into songwriting well. Though the waters can get a bit murky when you combine strict rules with an exercise in creativity.

It’s a common belief to think that this area of work should be free from any constraints, and some people are more comfortable operating that way. That’s fine, there’s no “one size fits all” method of writing. You do what feels right, and what feels right to me is being honest with myself and with others about the songs I write, but that doesn’t mean I want to shy away from complexity if I have the chance to utilize it. I don’t want to write songs that someone can listen to one time through and completely understand what it means. I don’t want to write lyrics that can only be read one way, or that can only invoke one type of emotion or memory.

Simplicity is not the same as honesty. Honesty can be bent, molded, cloaked, disguised, and carefully woven into the melody of a song so that it takes some effort to understand. That doesn’t make it any less honest, but that’s just the nature of blending honesty and creativity. I’ve purchased many songs in the past that I don’t necessarily like the sound of but I love the lyrics. To me it shows that the artist has put real effort into it. It shows that they really care not just about how the song sounds, but what the song means to them.

Extracting meaning from experiences in life and translating that into words is an extremely valuable tool in my opinion. Then taking those words and shaping them so they flow in a pattern complemented by rhythms and harmonies is another step added on to make it that much more impressive and meaningful.

I’ve had and continue to have moments when I listen to someone’s music and some line of their lyrics gives me a chill and every time that happens I think “damn I want to do that.” I want my words to carry that much weight. I want to write something that strikes someone so effectively it gives them chills. I want to be that good. To me, writing isn’t just a hobby or a potential source of income, it’s an experience.”

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